Mission Statement

The mission of Municipal Watch BC is to try to provide the British Columbia community better tools for interacting with our politicians such as contact details, forms, different types of feeds, a place for good faith discussions on either what is being brought forth by our local leaders from either our municipalities in the newsletters they share or from the bills & discussions our local MP in Ottawa bring forth. Along with a place to study etiquette on accessing & distributing information, in the future this will also become a place to study travel details throughout BC along with local historical context plus highlight aspects such as municipal services amalgamation & cultural celebrations.

A community goal here is to foster open discussion, identify policy on the books that doesn’t serve the public interest, and discuss the development of new concepts and systems that will better serve communities. It is hoped we can remain objective enough as peers even in disagreement on a subject to look at discussions with an open mind for alternatives or compromises on most any topic that can work to the benefit of us all, if it is not clear on how we can best proceed, we can place subjects on hold and research other topics that may require further research of our own, examination of additional approaches, opinions & solutions. Be willing to ask questions and seek answers together.

We are more than whatever political party we last voted for, humanity can flourish beyond many of the constructs set out before us, let us now prove it.

Further insights

From time to time this spot may be updated to reflect current projects or goals being undertaken to improve the tools that are provided on this website, thank you for reading the websites mission statement.

Currently a few more municipalities are being added to the feed & I will look into a means to streamline this service, the next project planned is to make a page that works with twitter for the benefit of the community.

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