Draft: Concept Creep

The Boy Who Cried Socialist and Related Tales (substack.com) by Ryan C. Mullally

“Perhaps like in treaties opposing politicians should devote some time in this age to signing to an agreed upon understanding of words from time to time.”

Researching what potential policy could look like on such a topic further, as well devoting some time to study of procedure in the house of parliament, will include what I find here.

“allotted day

A day reserved for the discussion of the business of supply, the actual topic of debate being chosen by a member in opposition. There are 22 allotted days in each calendar year which are divided amongst the opposition parties in proportion to their representation in the House. (If, for any reason, the number of sitting days in any supply period is fewer or greater than the number prescribed under the parliamentary calendar, the number of allotted days in that period may be adjusted.) All motions are put to a vote unless the sponsor of the motion designates it as non-votable.

Could a few days be allotted for members of the opposition to query the understanding of words important to the members and by their constituent? Maybe each party could forms lists on behalf of their constituents & their shared beliefs that each party would find meaningful to bring up for exchange with any party seen as their opposition? Will study how such lists could be maintained.

“notice of opposition

A notice opposing an item of the estimates which necessitates the holding of a separate vote on that item prior to the vote on the main concurrence motion.

or perhaps such could be built into this process? will study the context of this type of notice further. Along with study many other aspects related to this topic like the structure to debate such, a new glossary to maintain such? & the study on time in relation to change on the subject, I think if members of government do come to different conclusions from say the general publics opinion, both should be tallied separately, and that a politicians conclusions on the subjects should merely be held in relation to a reasonable length of term as to what one may hold, anyhow much more to study on the topic.

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